VOL 1 NO 1 – Contents and Cover – Special Collectors Edition

  1. Editorial
  2. COVER STORY: Hong Kong’s Coming Slavery, by Herbert Spencer
  3. LIGHT BULB BANS: How Big Government Is Literally Killing You, by Dr Robert Hanson
  4. U.S. POLITICS: How Ron Paul Will Become President, by Murray Rothbard
  5. CENTREFOLD: How Hayek Got Inflation By The Balls, by Ronald Kitching
  6. MINIMUM WAGE: Minimum Wage Gives No Hope To The Needy, by Hannah
  7. COMPETITION LAW: Hong Kong Wrong To Follow Socialistic Australia On Competition Law, by Hannah
  8. INTERVIEW: Peter Wong Answers Everything You Want To Know About Hong Kong (audio here)
  9. FILM: The Best Libertarian Film Is …, by Benjamin Marks
  10. THEATRE: A Short Note Defending Politics As Entertainment, by Benjamin Marks

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Editor of Capitalism.HK

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