CLIMATE POLICY/MINIMUM WAGE: The Short and Sharp Knockout Punch to End the Climate Debate

by Benjamin Marks, Capitalism.HK and editor

It is staggering to witness the self-proclaimed intellectual prowess of the advocates of government intervention to prevent human-induced fossil fuel emissions to prevent global warming.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to blow their argument to smithereens without needing to reference any climate science at all. And that is to point out the fact that almost all advocates of government intervention to prevent carbon emissions also support minimum wage laws.

The minimum wage is one of the most basic and fundamental benchmarks of logical reasoning.

The minimum wage can only harm those it is intended to protect. The minimum wage results in compulsory unemployment for those whose labour is not valued by employers at at least the minimum wage level. The minimum wage does not mean that poor people are paid more, any more than they would all be millionaires if the minimum wage was set at a million dollars an hour.

The minimum wage also violates the rights of employees and employers. Why can’t I choose to work for someone at below minimum wage rates? If the minimum wage advocates had their way, charity work would be outlawed. And these are the same do-gooders trying to explain what government interventions are needed to change the climate!?

As long as minimum wage laws are still in force, a reasoned debate on climate science will continue to elude us. It is time for a debate on minimum wage laws, not a debate on climate science.

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