EDITORIAL: Secession is Patriotic

by Benjamin Marks, Capitalism.HK and Economics.org.au editor

Why is it that Beijing allows Special Economic Zones like Hong Kong, but Canberra doesn’t allow Western Australia to secede? Why does Canberra insist on being so centralising, controlling and all-powerful?

Instead of saying, “Good day” and “How are you going?,” Australians say, “G’day” and “Owya?” Long-windedness, as is displayed in the buzzword-filled attempts to oppose secession and support extra layers of bureaucracy, is not an Australian virtue. Australians support secession.

Our long-winded politicians in Canberra might be well-meaning, but when they start showing concern about voluntarily-contracted foreign workers and voluntarily-acquired foreign ownership of property in Australia, they are succumbing to ideas whose origin is unAustralian, and they have not been voluntarily accepted by Australian property owners.

The Australian mining legend Ronald Kitching called Australia’s capital the Canberra Kremlin. It is a foreign power, using long-windedness against the short quick independent language of Australia proper.

Karl Marx was not an Australian.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was not an Australian.

Maynard Keynes was not an Australian.

Harold Laski was not an Australian.

Herbert Marcuse was not an Australian.

Kenneth Galbraith was not an Australian.

And even Barack Obama was not an Australian!

Australia needs to stop going out of its way to invite in and subsidise these foreign ideologies, as they cost Australians our true identity and independence.

Australians are not busybodies telling everyone else what to do. Australians say, “She’ll be right.”

True Australians pay for their sport voluntarily; they don’t force their countrymen to pay for it through taxes, like big government foreigners do.

Australians believe in a fair go, not penalising, through mob rule masquerading as democracy, successful and ambitious people risking huge amounts of their own capital to unlock resources and create jobs.

Paul Hogan is a real Australian, as he takes the fight to the Australian Tax Office.

John Singleton is a real Australian, as he started an Australian political party that stood for an independent Australia, not a country of people dependent on a government ruled by foreign ideologies.

Gina Rinehart is a real Australian, despite being massively outnumbered and overpowered by the taxation industry, she is still leading the plea for Special Economic Zones in Australia.

It is time that Australian Customs started quarantining people, parcels and containers coming into Australia, and held them for questioning in case they are carriers of a malignant strain of tall poppy syndrome. There is a benign strain of tall poppy syndrome which is proudly Australian; it involves cutting down politicians, bureaucrats and their supporters and telling them to mind their own business, which is very different from the foreign malignant strain that tries to coercively prevent successful people from doing whatever they want with their own property.

In the meantime, a good dose of economic education from the Lion Rock Institute and Capitalism.HK should immunise you from the current worldwide epidemic of the malignant strain of tall poppy syndrome.

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Editor of Capitalism.HK

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