EDITORIAL: About the Cover Photo

by Benjamin Marks, Capitalism.HK and Economics.org.au editor

The director of Mises Institute Brazil, Fernando Fiori Chiocca, explains the significance of the cover photo: “This can advance libertarianism as never before. Every single person that sees this image will want to know who the heck is this guy with a bow-tie and shorts and what he thinks. Then they will discover freedom.”

However, after trying it out, Chiocca observed, “It didn’t work as planned, at least not in this Latin America ‘macho’ part of the world, where I had a hard time explaining to some of my non-libertarian friends that Jeff is not gay.”

But at least it helps to counter the undeserved reputation of Hoppe as homophobic. Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe is a libertarian, and libertarians believe that property owners should be able to decide who enters their property on any grounds they want.

The cover photo is of Jeffrey Tucker, former editor of Mises.org and now executive editor of Laissez Faire Books, during a break of the 7th Annual Property and Freedom Society Meeting in Bodrum, Turkey. The Property and Freedom Society consists of those who believe that economics is a science, and that economic laws apply to all scarce resources, including those provided by government monopolies. So government monopolies provide an inferior quality product at higher cost than if they had competition to contend with.

The aim of the Property and Freedom Society is to help the world see that Gina Rinehart is our friendly voice of moderation, who is trying to find a compromise between: major political parties all around the world, who are all on the one side of the political spectrum; and on the other side of the political spectrum, the uncompromising free-market advocates, like Australian businessmen Ron Manners, Bill Stacey, John Singleton and Neville Kennard, in addition to all those associated with the Property and Freedom Society.

Positioning Gina Rinehart in this way is useful to her in that she can no longer be criticised as uncompromising, stubborn and difficult. And it is useful for free-market advocates all around the world, for it reframes the mainstream political debate into forcing it to include free-market advocates, like Jeffrey Tucker, Hans-Hermann Hoppe and the Property and Freedom Society.

Gina Rinehart has already received more media attention both inside and outside her homeland than Ron Paul has, mostly due to her being named the richest woman in the world. The quest for free-market advocates, which should be easily achievable, is to get her to see that she should publicly and repeatedly direct away from herself and towards the likes of Ron Manners, Bill Stacey, John Singleton and Neville Kennard all the criticism currently directed at her for being uncompromising, stubborn and difficult.

In the meantime, until she sees the value in doing it herself, it is up to all of us to try our best to get the message out there and prevent all the unjustified criticism directed at Gina Rinehart, when it should instead be directed at the Lion Rock Institute, Laissez Faire Books, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, the Mises Institute and the Property and Freedom Society.

It is dishonourable for us to allow Gina Rinehart to take the fall for positions that we hold and she doesn’t.

Radical free-market advocates around the world must help to defend Gina Rinehart.

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Editor of Capitalism.HK

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