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Light Bulb Bans – How Big Government Is Literally Killing You

by Dr Robert Hanson
Dr Hanson holds a PhD in the Built Environment from The Bartlett University College London. He worked in the energy industry in England where he was involved in calculating energy prices and setting tariffs under both competitive and nationalized conditions.


I: Introduction
II: How We Got Into This Mess
III: Liberal Fascism or Free Markets
IV: Moral Wrongs of Government Bans and Subsidies
V: Cancer Causing Energy Saving Bulbs
VI: Radiation from CFL Bulbs
VII: Toxic LEDs
VIII: Poisons Released from Broken ‘Energy Efficient Bulbs’
IX: ‘Energy Saving Bulbs’ Poison Workers
X: Energy Saving Lamps are Energy Wasting Lamps and Should Be Discouraged from Use
XI: ‘Energy Saving Bulbs’ Poison the Environment
XII: Dark Side of Green
XIII: Conclusion
XIV: References

Part I: Introduction

When governments intervene in things, they often get things spectacularly wrong. No more so than with the ban on incandescent light bulbs. In banning safe incandescent bulbs, Big Government is now bullying people into using toxic ‘energy saving bulbs’ — in their own homes.

‘Energy saving’ bulbs are the asbestos of the 21st Century. Just using an ‘energy saving bulb’ can make you feel tired, cause eye strain, headaches, skin rashes and even skin cancer. If you are exposed to a broken ‘energy saving bulb’, you run the risk of developing long term cancer of the liver, kidneys and brain. Believing the claim that ‘energy saving bulbs’ are safe, and save energy, is a bit like believing Blair’s claim that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Read the rest of this entry