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Repeatedly Ask Central Bankers This Question

by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
in a Q & A session at the 2012 Property and Freedom Society Meeting

Ben Bernanke

It is very important in these replies to people like Krugman that we don’t get involved in technical details, but ask them questions almost like a child:

Explain to me how increase in paper pieces can possibly make a society richer? If that were the case, explain to me why there is still poverty in the world? Isn’t every central bank in the world capable of printing as much paper as they want? And do you then think society as a whole would be richer? Read the rest of this entry

The Intellectual Cover for Socialism

by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Originally published in
The Free Market, February 1988.

Compared with life in Western countries, where the socialist sector is sizeable, life under total socialism is miserable.

The standard of living is so deplorable that, in 1961, the socialist East German government built a system of walls, barbed wire, electrified fences, minefields, automatic shooting devices, watchtowers, watchdogs, and watchmen, almost 900 miles long, to keep people from running away from socialism.

The empirical evidence shows that socialism is an obvious failure. And the cause of socialism’s failure is crystal clear: there is almost no private ownership of the means of production, and almost all factors of production are owned in common in precisely the same way that Americans own the Postal Service.

Why, then, do seemingly serious people still advocate socialism? And why are there still thousands of social scientists who want to put more and more factors of production under social instead of private control? Read the rest of this entry

Tax = Theft

Summary: “Taxes are never, at no level of taxation, consistent with individual freedom and property rights. Taxes are theft. The thieves — the state and its agents and allies — try their very best to conceal this fact, of course, but there is simply no way around it. Obviously, taxes are not normal, voluntary payments for goods and services, because you are not allowed to stop such payments if you are not satisfied with the product.”

Prof Hans-Hermann Hoppe is Property and Freedom Society founder and president, Ludwig von Mises Institute legend and author of such works as Democracy — The God That Failed.

Introduction by Hoppe

A few months ago, a French journalist, Mr. Nicolas Cori, approached me with the request for an interview on the subject of taxation, to be published in the French monthly Philosophie Magazine, in the context of current “tax reform” debates in France.

I agreed to the interview, it was conducted by email in English, Mr. Cori produced a French translation, my friend Dr. Nikolay Gertchev checked and corrected his translation, and I then sent the authorized translation to Mr. Cori. Since then, more than a month ago, and despite repeated promptings, I have not heard from Mr. Cori. I can only speculate as for the reasons of his silence. Most likely, he did not get permission from his superiors to publish the interview, and he does not possess the courtesy and courage to tell me.

In any case, here is the original interview. The authorized French version is available on the translations-page of my website (

NC: Are taxes consistent with individual freedom and property rights? Is there a level of taxation where it is no more consistent?

Hoppe: Read the rest of this entry