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Peter Wong Answers Everything You Want To Know About Hong Kong

by Peter Wong, audio of this interview available here
Peter Wong is the Executive Director of The Lion Rock Institute. He is a columnist for The Hong Kong Economic Journal. Besides giving commentaries in various TV stations in Greater China, he is currently a presenter at Hong Kong government’s RTHK radio and also speaks at private radio stations such as Metro Radio and DBC.


I: Introduction
II: About Lion Rock
III: Hong Kong’s Freedom
IV: HK Falling for “Peer” Pressure
V: HK Benefited from Benign Neglect
VI: The Future
VII: Pegging HK$ to US$, Terrifying
VIII: Prosperity Follows Freedom
IX: Taxes in HK
X: HK During Downturns
XI: Pessimistic But Worse Elsewhere
XII: Call To Action

Part I: Introduction

Jerry Bowyer: Good afternoon and welcome to the program, you’re listening to American Entrepreneur Radio, but we aren’t really talking about American entrepreneurship at the moment; we’re talking about Asian entrepreneurship. As you know, if you’re a listener to this program, when I’m here at this microphone I like to talk to you about the rest of the world. The United States was for many generations the freest country in the world and therefore undoubtedly the best place to invest, but it isn’t the freest nation in the world anymore and it hasn’t been for some time now, actually. As a lot of the world has moved towards freedom, the United States has moved away from freedom, which means you as an entrepreneur or investor or a business manager need to take that into account when you’re making decisions about where to start businesses, where to expand businesses and what businesses to invest in. So, I’ve asked Peter Wong to be with us. Peter is with the Lion Rock Institute which is the leading free-market educational foundation — think-tank, is what we call them, in the United States — in Hong Kong, which is by a number of measures the nation with the freest economy in the world. Peter, welcome to American Entrepreneur radio. Read the rest of this entry