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Andrew Shuen Debates Socialists on the Harm of the Minimum Wage

Newsline Hong Kong ATV debate, May 6, 2012, with Andrew Shuen of The Lion Rock Institute.

Transcript available in the print version of Capitalism.HK, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 16-22.

CLIMATE POLICY/MINIMUM WAGE: The Short and Sharp Knockout Punch to End the Climate Debate

by Benjamin Marks, Capitalism.HK and editor

It is staggering to witness the self-proclaimed intellectual prowess of the advocates of government intervention to prevent human-induced fossil fuel emissions to prevent global warming.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to blow their argument to smithereens without needing to reference any climate science at all. And that is to point out the fact that almost all advocates of government intervention to prevent carbon emissions also support minimum wage laws.

The minimum wage is one of the most basic and fundamental benchmarks of logical reasoning. Read the rest of this entry

Minimum Wage Gives No Hope To The Needy

by Hannah
Hannah is in her third year at the University of Western Australia, studying a combined degree in Law and Commerce with an Economics major. Hannah is currently involved in the Students in Free Enterprise society at her university as an executive member and was recently an intern at the Lion Rock Institute.

Hong Kong’s minimum wage policy has a lot to answer for. As a scheme that prides itself as a champion of the labour market, it seems hard to believe that our most vulnerable workers are being put at the greatest risk of joblessness at a time when employment should be fiercely defended.

For advocates of the minimum wage, the outcomes seem flawless. Many claim that increases to the standard of living for the poorest of the poor and the protection of workers’ rights are the fundamental reasons for enacting the scheme — a seemingly perfect example of government regulation, one would think.

Unfortunately, history shows us that minimum wage doesn’t work. In fact, the end product from such legislation leaves our most unskilled, ill equipped workers out of work and a puts significant strain on Hong Kong’s small and medium sized businesses as they struggle to keep workers amidst the pressures of increasing labour costs and a gloomy economy. Read the rest of this entry

Tax = Theft

Summary: “Taxes are never, at no level of taxation, consistent with individual freedom and property rights. Taxes are theft. The thieves — the state and its agents and allies — try their very best to conceal this fact, of course, but there is simply no way around it. Obviously, taxes are not normal, voluntary payments for goods and services, because you are not allowed to stop such payments if you are not satisfied with the product.”

Prof Hans-Hermann Hoppe is Property and Freedom Society founder and president, Ludwig von Mises Institute legend and author of such works as Democracy — The God That Failed.

Introduction by Hoppe

A few months ago, a French journalist, Mr. Nicolas Cori, approached me with the request for an interview on the subject of taxation, to be published in the French monthly Philosophie Magazine, in the context of current “tax reform” debates in France.

I agreed to the interview, it was conducted by email in English, Mr. Cori produced a French translation, my friend Dr. Nikolay Gertchev checked and corrected his translation, and I then sent the authorized translation to Mr. Cori. Since then, more than a month ago, and despite repeated promptings, I have not heard from Mr. Cori. I can only speculate as for the reasons of his silence. Most likely, he did not get permission from his superiors to publish the interview, and he does not possess the courtesy and courage to tell me.

In any case, here is the original interview. The authorized French version is available on the translations-page of my website (

NC: Are taxes consistent with individual freedom and property rights? Is there a level of taxation where it is no more consistent?

Hoppe: Read the rest of this entry