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“Thought Criminal”

by Timothy W Humphries, an emerging writer who has been published at Menzies House and the Australian Libertarian Society. He has almost finished a graduate qualification in Journalism and is intent on producing an anti-tax play into a film in the next 12-18 months. He can be contacted via twitter at @mothyspace

“Thought Criminal” is about the recent SOPA and PIPA battles in the US. It can be seen as Orwell’s 1984 in song.

Verse 1

Wrong man, in the wrong place, at the wrong time
You’re the Thought Criminal.
Tarted up for convention,
Smashed into a cage, every day.

Verse 2

Tarted up for convention,
In every single way.
A paper pushing prop,
In the death machine! Read the rest of this entry

Viv Forbes’ Political Poetry

by Viv Forbes
Viv Forbes has been the most productive Australian free-market advocate for each of the last 35 years. He is still brilliantly active as Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition. More information about him is at

Poem list

  1. “AORTA”
  2. “The Do-Gooders”
  3. “Ten Little Businessmen”
  4. “Land of the Free”
  5. “The Numbered Men”
  6. “The Politician”
  7. “Stale Eggs in the Valley”
  8. “The Federation Cross”
  9. “The Spectator”

1. “AORTA”

It was a happy settlement
     the people strong and free.
They tended flocks and tilled the soil
     and fished upon the sea.

The north wind brought the raiders
     with their swords and greedy eyes.
They stripped the land and left behind
     a blight of funeral pyres.

“We must unite” the people said
     “to beat these robber bands.
We’ll arm ourselves and train our men
     to sweep them from our lands.”

T’was thus they formed a government
     to save them from the foe.
It levied tax and raised the troops
     and laid the looters low.

The system was a great success
     and wealth grew all around.
The idle troopers then were used
     to police the roads and towns.

A thinker from a foreign land
     said “You must help the poor.
Ya orta get the government
     to pass a welfare law.”

AORTA spread like smallpox germs
     it raced down every road.
As every loafer raised his voice
     “AORTA ease my load.” Read the rest of this entry